Social networks have grown drastically in recent years. From being a social trend they have become a global need. They are currently used world-wide and they are ahead of all the other networks.

Social Networks and Other Networks in Contrast

The social networks and other networks differ in their reach, function, demand and popularity. These differences are mainly the reason why social networks have grown so much whereas other networks have not.


The reach of the social networks is global. They are used worldwide and their use is becoming more and more common each day. Social networking sites particularly serve the purpose of connecting with people. Now this purpose is served on a global scale, as connecting people can mean connecting one person from one corner of the world to another to the other corner of the world.

The other networks whereas do not have such global scales of service. They are offered around the world and their use is somewhat worldwide but their reach is limited in regions depending on their demand and consequent use.

Hence social networks have more growth as they are spread out across the globe.


The social networks run on the need for people to connect. As long as people need to connect, the social networks will stay in business. And people’s need to connect is a human requirement of day to day life as no man is an island. Hence counting on this need, the social networks are used more and more each day and will continue to do so. The applications and functions it provides pique global interest. People are heavily reliant on its applications of communications, texting, calls, sharing photos and many other advance functions. The social network is an expanding branch and it is progressing towards vast advancement.

Whereas, other networks in contrast are not so advanced, as they do not have the ground for growth equivalent to social networks. The need for their use is specific and hence their functions are tailored accordingly to perform only specific tasks. Their specificity makes them effective in their particular performance but it also limits them and decreases their generalisable use.

Therefore the growth of social networks is much more rapid than that of other networks.


The demand for social networks is much more and is globally recognized. Businesses run on demand. If the demand for a service ends, soon so does the provision of the service. The continued demand of people to use social network and its availability on a larger scale ensures that it grows more and more. Similarly the demand for followers are increasing everyday. There are popular websites like tweet n follow selling twitter followers and many other websites selling other network’s followers!

However, in contrast, other networks are not needed by people on the same level. The decreased demand on the provision of services by other networks directly affects its growth.


Social networks have emerged as a trend in recent years. It’s in fashion these days to use social networks. Their extreme popularity has compelled people to use social networks. Even the people who may not feel a need to be on social networking sites are them due to the social pressure.

In comparison, there is no such social pressure on the usage of other networks. They lack an element of modernity and popularity which has led them to fall back on their growth.

All these factors contribute to the fact that social networks are growing more than other networks.