Norway is said to be the most beautiful country in the world. It is larger then the people assume it. It is good to spend more time over here enjoying the beautiful scenery, landscapes, and food of this place. It totally depends on which, how you want to explore Norway, by using car, boat or bike. Norway is famous for some stories, visiting historical place will give you a good experience. With the help of travel guide, you can visit different places.

Places for tourist to visit in Norway:


Alesund is the entry point to the fjords. It is located on the west coast and surrounded by the Alpine mountains. This city was set on fire in 1904 and many beautiful towns were destroyed, but it was reconstructed using stone and brick and architectural style of that time. Today it is the most charming city, presenting the best example Jugendstil design. Climbing the mountain peak, gives you a stunning view of Alesund. Travel guide by ibn battuta is available for any kind of help.


It is the largest city in the north of Norway. Tromso is famous for its natural beauty. Tourist visits this place to see the ancient wood house. This city most part is situated on the island, travelers can visit museums over here, or they can have a walk in the tree forest. Cable cars give you a beautiful look of fjords and mountains. To view the northern lights, it is the best place to visit.

The National Park of Norway:

Jotunheimen is the national park of Norway. It is located in the south by covering many mountain ranges and highest peaks. This park also has the highest waterfall of the Norway. Visitors can do mountain climbing or have easy access to see glaciers and can do summit tours due to the mountain lodges and trails in this park. They also offer outdoor adventures for every age of people. Travel guide can easily tell you which activities you can do here.


It is the group of the island located between the ocean and seas. This island is under the Norwegian rule. The population over here is less than 3000. This island had many good things to see such glaciers, mountains, and animals such as polar bear, polar foxes and whales. A good place to visit and spent some time.


It is located in the southwest of the country. This place is famous for its sand beaches. This place if love for those people who want to spend there by taking a sunbath. This place is also perfect to visit in summer.

Famous food of Norway:

Never miss eating the seafood in Norway. They cooked it so delicious. The desserts of Norway are also very delicious; they are usually made of sugar, butter, flour and eggs. One should try and enjoy their taste. Travel guide can tell you about famous food and best restaurants that serve those dishes. Food can make trips more exciting and enjoyable.