It is being said that the two Social media platforms Instagram and snap chat serve the same purpose. Both these social media sites offer sharing photos and videos, but both in a different manner.

Both can be used in a marketing strategy for businesses and are most commonly used as something to overcome the desires of youth to get noticed and public.

But the question that arises is which platform is best to be used first.

Snap chat

The snap chat was officially launched in 2011, and it came as a platform for sharing pictures and videos specifically. Over the time it has evolved, and now it also offers the option for chatting and video calling. The one feature that distinguishes snap chat from the others is that it allows your friends to view your picture for only ten seconds for 24 hours only after that it gets deleted on its own. Snap chat has added many editing features which have helped it to gain explosive usage and popularity.



  • For the marketing purpose, it offers great opportunities to bring your brand in front of your customers and your target market with no cost involved. It helps you to showcase your product.
  • It is used much frequently by the users who install and use it. They check it at least once a day to keep in touch with what’s going out around. It helps them to stay a=socially active and responsive to messages and pictures.
  • It creates a sense of urgency by allowing your friends to see your post for ten seconds only. It helps in gaining instant and urgent attention. Abuy instagram likesn undivided attention can be used as a marketing strategy for brands as well. It a powerful motivator and is much faster.


Initially, when Instagram was first launched it ran as an individual platform, but now it has become a sister company to Facebook. Also over the time it has evolved and has added many new features to itself. Like previously it was only used to share pictures. But now you can share videos, can DM your orders, can chat with your friends, can share your story somewhat similar to snap chat, make comments, tags and most importantly hash tags. It offers to edit the image option as well which helps in improving the quality of a picture. The features of editing offered in Instagram are entirely different from snap chat.


  • Instagram is said to be less public than Facebook and is called as a care free It is easy to use, easy to understand. The users of Instagram are adults, youth and even elderly people find it easy to use
  • Hash tags are the most popular feature of Instagram. They are like clickable links and lead you to different pictures and posts. It is a great marketing strategy for businesses they can use attractive hash tags to attract their customers to their most important posts and pictures. It also helps in generating conversations. It boosts conversation and is so far the top feature of Instagram
  • There is an option to buy instagram followers from internet. However, no such thing exists in case of Snapchat.
  • The Facebook integration is another plus point that Instagram has. You can cross-share your posts and pictures.
  • The images you share and see on Instagram are of high quality which makes them more appealing. The video sharing option is somehow restricted to 15 seconds only

With all these points under consideration, it is very difficult to say whether Instagram is better than snapcat or not. Instagram, of course, offers many options and features but snap chat, on the other hand, has gained much popularity with its picture sharing feature.