Don’t Miss Tomorrow’s Super Snow Moon, The Biggest And Brightest Of 2019

Get ready to have a look on the super snow Moon which is on its way and it shouldn’t be missed by anyone. This is something which wouldn’t be exiting for you like the blue moon, blood moon or the blood wolf moon but tomorrow the super snow moon is going to be the brightest and the biggest moon of this year and because the sky would be clearer from the clouds, it would be so pleasing to watch. This super moon is going to be the second consecutive second in a row while this exactly going to make a hat trick to make this year a wonderful one with this aspect.  So for those who don’t know what does the super snow moon really means?

A supermoon is when the satellite is not the full moon but the entire face of it is lit up by the rays of the sun but as its perigee being the closest to reach the earth which makes it look bigger and brighter.  Tomorrow the moon is supposed to set in the range of 356800 kilometers of the earth.  Just like all the other Moon names, this supermoon isn’t an astronomical term for the moon but this actually is the astrological one which was first coined in 1979 by Richard Nolle while the tehnical term for this supermoon is perigee-syzygy which is of the earthmoon sun system and is also not snappy enough.

An asteroid is expected to skim past the Earth

According to this news source, there is a clear expectation that the Asteroid 2013 MD8 would skim past the Earth. According to the statements given by NASA, the space rock has got the diameter of about 280 ft that is with the size of Big Ben. This is expected that this is going to fly over our planet for about 13 lunar distances that would be more than 3 million miles.  This asteroid was dubbed 2013 MD8 and it is expected to skim past the Earth for more than 3 miles away or for the time distance that is present between the moon and the earth. This is the huge space rock which is proving NASA the expectations that will make a relatively closer approach to the earth as compared to any other of this type.  NASA has considered this Asteroid as hazardous if it somehow comes near to 4600000 miles from Earth.

This asteroid MD8 actually falls for the category of the nearest objects to earth and NASA has described it to be near to the orbit of Earth within 20 million miles.  According to the surveys, for the past 1000 years, no human has been able to known to be killed by such effects of a meteorite. NASA knows no comet or asteroid which is currently on a collision course to Earth so this collision if somehow happens would be quite smaller in scenario.  In fact having look on it from a deeper perspective, no other object is supposed to hit the Earth even in the upcoming several years.

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